Sourcing & Supply

One of the most important questions when choosing new IT systems is to decide how you purchase it.

Do  you buy an off the shelf product?

Perhaps you want a third party to develop something bespoke, or perhaps you have an IT team that could do it?

Should you subscribe to a cloud bases service?

There have never been so many options, which is good. However, the potential of making the wrong decision and spending more than necessary is high. Equally, each option carries with it a different set of risks.

How often do your existing IT vendors meet with you to entice you with their latest new gadget, system or service? They explain what it can do for you and it sounds fantastic. How often can you be sure that you received the promised benefits after parting with your cash?

Perhaps you have an IT vendor you’ve been working with for some time and you’re both very happy with the arrangement? Do you know if there are more suitable, perhaps better, perhaps less expensive vendors or products that can achieve your business aims?

You’ve probably been hearing a lot about “Cloud Computing” and it’s promised cost savings and other advantages. Some of the claims are accurate, others less so. It’s a big step and it can be both confusing and potentially risky.  Done correctly, it can also create agility in your business.

At 4Sight Technology we have considerable experience in solution design, selection, procurement and contract negotiation. Yes, we have contacts with the major IT vendors, and many others, but we are 100% independent.  We know what a good deal looks like and we work hard on behalf of our clients to achieve it.

We understand “Cloud”. We can help you move the right systems to the cloud at the right time, in the right way, with third party suppliers who will do a good job for you.