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Building Custom Software

We see businesses embark on custom software projects frequently without a real understanding of what they are letting themselves in for.

Often there is  misplaced belief that it will add to their company valuation, but surprisingly often it turns out they don’t even own the software they have been developing!

Developing bespoke software is an easy way to lose big money if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Furthermore, who do you get to build your software? That “one man band” you know somehow? Risky. Do you recruit your own software developers? Expensive….and you’re not likely to retain them in the long term. Time and time again we see businesses who have retained software developers, who unfortunately see every business problem as something to be solved using custom code – many of these businesses have been close to total failure and they didn’t even know it.

That said, in the right circumstances, managed professionally, and planned with care, bespoke software CAN add to an organisations valuation.

It can even generate entire new revenue streams.

Today “coding” isn’t the only way to generate a custom solution, and the options have tipped in favour of the business owner. That business owner needs a guide to help them manage the process.

We have deep expertise in how to manage the process successfully, and we know how to get the best value for your investment whilst minimising the risks.

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